David’s Stories

These are the stories told by David Hunt, to his son, Bruce Hunt

1.Even as a little boy, family was always very important to David.  He would tell stories about when he was a little boy and his parents owned a Texaco gas station in Gananoque, ON.  David’s family lived in the apartment building directly across the road, and David would spend many days sitting up in his room, looking out over the gas pumps, and watching his father chat up with drivers throughout that day.

2. David, a wonderful storyteller (with a flare for the dramatic), told about a time when his great Grandfather, Rev. Roy Raymond was driving around the Inveraray, ON area.  Suddenly, the floorboards of his Fire Bird car caught fire, and Rev. Raymond could be seeing running and to and from the local creek trying to extinguish the flames.  

3. Stories were also told about hard times for David’s grandfather, and how the Reverend’s wife would often have to go door to door and ask to local farmers for potatoes, which would be the family’s only food for the entire day.

4. David and his brother John were extremely close, so when John was diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever and began experiencing extreme pain and hallucinations, David was devastated.  The local country doctor told David’s parents that the best way to mitigate the issues was to move to a warmer climate – namely California.  Wanting to do best by their children, David’s parents left their work, sold their home, and moved the family across the country and down to California – only to discover from the California Doctors that in fact the California weather would not benefit John at all.  Despite the extremely long trip, David fondly recalled driving through the dessert that summer of 1948, with the air condition pumping!  At that time, the car air conditioning consisted of a large bullet-shaped metal container attached through the window that was filled with ice or cold water.  It was a marvel at the time!

5. David would often tell stories about his experiences in Scouts.  Part of a life- long Scouting family, David and his brother John formed the 17th Kingston Scout Group.  David had a real passion for the organization, which he learned from his father, who had also been involved in scouting.  

6. David would tell stories of his Great Aunt, Anna Robinson, who was a famous actress on Broadway in New York City!  Anna went on to marry the Earl of Rosalind, and so became a Countess.  Her life often seemed so much more exciting and glamorous then David’s simple life in Ontario. Unfortunately, the Earl was a gambler and he gambled away all his inheritance and all of Anna’s money she earned in her Broadway days.

7. David and his mother had both unfortunately lost their wedding rings during their lives.  When his mother first lost her wedding ring she looked everyone, but could not find it.  She finally contacted a fortune telling, who told her to “look between the newspapers”.  His mother walked into their old basement where a stack of newspapers sat at the bottom of the stairs.  To her surprise, there was the long lost ring!  Years later, David also lost his ring.  Hoping to have the same fate has his mother had, David contacted the same fortune teller.  This time he was told to “look up high”.  While standing on a wooden dinning chair, David began looking high up in the cupboards in the kitchen, where, much to his delight, he found his much loved ring!  Like Mother like Son!

8. As a young child, David and his siblings were given an American Flyer train set, that was much loved during their childhood.  Years later the train was nearly sold at a yard sale for $30 by a cousin, but was saved by David’s son who wanted it for his family.  David would later tell this story, along with the story about how on the 30 foot track, three working die cast steam engines and multiple cars were actually valued at thousands of dollars!

9. David loved his career in teaching nearly as much as he loved travelling!  After retiring, David was keen for adventure.  He would tell stories to his children about his travels and adventures in Mexico; Shanghai, China; Indonesia, and Jakarta.  David was fascinated by the culture of these new places, and the children and education programs in the different countries.

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