Our research is being used to help those providing care and assistance to family members or friends.  We hope that by offering a new way to hear the Ten Stories, we can help to reduce the burden on caregivers, while at the same time allowing their elders to be heard for who they are and how they wish to be remembered.

This research consists of interviews with caregivers and support providers.  We are asking those who feel that they have heard a finite set of stories from an elderly loved one to tell us about the content of those stories. 

If you have an elderly person in your life, and you can think of about 10 stories that they tell over and over, we invite you to consider participating in this research by anomalously contributing those stories.

We seek to understand:

  • What are the main themes or ideas that people try to communicate to those closest to them?
  • What kinds of stories do they choose (whether consciously or subconsciously) to communicate those themes?
  • Are men’s stories are different from women’s stories?
  • Are different types of stories told to spouses, to children, to friends or relatives?

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