Share your stories

 We are seeking volunteers to assist us with this research.

 Would you be prepared to share your loved one’s stories with us?  We would like to feature your loved one’s ten stories in our research, and in the book that will be the end-product of this research.

What we can offer you:

  • If you become a contributor to our research, we will be pleased to send you a transcript of your loved one’s stories, along with a brief analysis based on our research to date.

  • We will also (if you wish) include you on a mailing list to receive periodical updates on the research.

  • Finally, we hope you will benefit personally from the process of receiving, documenting and sharing your loved one’s stories.

We would like to hear from you if:

  • you are providing care or assistance to a loved one;

  • your loved one, for whatever reason, is reviewing his or her life, perhaps anticipating its end;

  • you feel you are hearing a finite set of stories from your loved one over and over.

There are three ways you can participate:

  1. You can be interviewed by telephone. We would tape these interviews and transcribe the stories, then send them back for your approval. If you would like to be interviewed, please click here to provide your contact information.

  2. You can send us your loved one’s ten stories in writing, through this website. If that option would work best for you, please click here to upload your stories.

  3. You can send your loved one’s stories to us via email. If you would like to email us, please click here for details.

If you share stories with us…

  • Please be assured that we will treat your loved one’s stories and your information with absolute confidentiality and respect.

  • We will never release any identifying information about any of our respondents.

  • If we use your stories as an illustration, we will use pseudonyms to protect your and your loved one’s privacy.



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