Qualitative approach

stack of booksWe use a qualitative research approach to capture people’s own words and the significance that they carry. Qualitative research focuses on meaning and value, and does not try to reduce the breadth of human experience to numbers and statistics. Instead, it attempts to capture the richness and variety of different people’s life experiences. Qualitative research is ideally suited to this type of inquiry.

We are collecting stories from caregivers who volunteer to share with us the stories their loved ones have told them as they grow older and approach the end of their lives. To be eligible for the studies, we seek:

  • People who are providing care or assistance to a loved one;

  • Whose loved one, for whatever reason, is reviewing his or her life, perhaps anticipating its end;

  • People who feel they are hearing a finite set of stories from their loved one over and over.

This research will ultimately be used to help those providing care and assistance to family members or friends as they approach the end of their lives. We hope that by offering a way to hear the ten stories in a new and more constructive manner, we can help to reduce the burden on caregivers, while at the same time, allowing those leaving this world to be heard for who they are and how they wish to be remembered.